In 1920, the farmer Gaudiause Juneau had the idea of building chalets on the edge of the Saint-Augustin Lake. From this initiative, lodges 1, 8 and 10 were born. Once built, the locals began coming over to picnic and rent rowboats. The main building at the entrance of the camping was built as a country hotel. Later on during the passing years, Gaudiause Juneau’s son, Ulric Juneau, took the family buisness, seeing the potential in developing his fathers dream and decided to build 19 more lodges between 1951 and 1967. He even allowed some of his costumers to build their own cottages on rented areas of his land. Ulric then began creating camping sites and by 1965, Camping Juneau greeted its first camper on its land. By then, the entire campsite counted over 35 sites, 2 showers fascilities, one washing machine and a local snack bar / fast food restaurant. During those days, it only cost $1.50 a night to camp.

When Richard Juneau, son of Ulric Juneau and the third generation of the Juneau family, began to operate the camping in 1990, the camping counted over 75 sites. Encouraged by his wife, he added 40 more locations, 2 sanitary blocks, an entertainment center and 3 laundry amenities. The electricity, aqueduct and sewer network were all renewed as well as 20 chalets and the local snack bar.

Nowadays, our clientel consist of about 20 % seasonal and 80 % touristic customers.

Today, the fourth generation of Juneau’s are in charge. From a very young age, both Carmen and Mathieu Juneau, daughter and son of Richard Juneau, have been activily implicated in the family buisness. With vigous passion and a dedication like no other to their family roots, Carmen and Mathieu Juneau are ready to take on the task of continuing what their ancestors have begun over 50 years ago.